Are Camels Faster than Horses : Who will win the Battle?

Through centuries humans have been dependent on animals to travel from one place to another, carry a heavy load and be a source of food in need. Among all the animals, two animals which have been prized in the Arab or Western world are Horses and Camels. Names as “the ship of the desert” Camels are considered by the gift of gods in the Arab world. These beautiful creatures can bear the harshest terrain yet carry the weight around without breaking a sweat.

Are Camels Faster than Horses?

In the Middle Eastern Countries, the Arabs proudly display their stallions to the world. Unlike camels, horses are considered to be the jewels for Horse lovers all around the world. They look regal, are really fast, strong and extremely docile if given love. Unlike camels who are known for their moody behavior and spitting anger, horses are easy to train and most trusted in the animal world.

Can Camels run faster than Horses?

Can Camels run faster than Horses?Yes!! If you are doing the comparison on camel vs horse speed, then camels have proven to be slightly slower than horses. Because of their build, camels can reach a speed of 20 to 25 miles per hour whereas the horse’s average gallop speed can reach 25 to 30 miles per hour. As per research, the special breed racehorses are way faster than camels. In many countries, apart from the USA, Camels are getting trained for the race, but there is no way can camels run faster than horses.

The question is a camel faster than a horse also depends on the distance of the race and terrain. If the race is on the hard ground of dessert, the racehorses will gallop faster compared to the camel as their sprinting speed can reach up to 55 miles per hour while the camel fastest recorded speed is 21.76 miles per hour. Horses can run faster as they have muscular tendons on their legs that help them run faster without losing balance. Also if you see the bodyweight, horses are leaner compared to camels who have weaker muscular tendons and bear the weight of water in their humps.

Why do people prefer to Train Horses than Camel?

One of the main reasons why many people would love to compete in a race with their horses than the camel is because of the behavior. While both the animals have been the greatest asset to humans, their desire to be domesticated is different.

  • Camels have proven to be difficult to tame compared to horses. In many instances, the camel tends to spit and even hurt the trainer. On the contrary, horses are docile and often seen to remain calm if they feel connected with the trainer.
  • Horses love to gallop so training them for the race is much easier. Camels are moody and won’t even get up on their limbs if they don’t want to race.
  • Horses can calm down with gentle strokes while a moody camel is likely to bolt or bite the trainer if scared. If your Horse is behaving edgy You can use Calming Supplement for Horse.


If you are a professional jockey, then we advise you to train the horse instead of camel if you want to win a race and form a better bond with your pet

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