Best Electric Fence for Horses – Top Rated Horse Electric Fence of 2020

The electric horse fence is essential to keep your horse safe in your fields and not allow him to gallop around which can create harm to your beloved animal. Let’s take a look at the best horse electric fences available in the market today.

Taking good horse care is the crucial thing for the breeders, trainers, and all the other people who have this amazing animal. The fundamental nature of a horse is roaming. It continually moves around spaces if it gets some, but you have to make restrictions sometime because you can’t allow your horse to wander alone in the countryside!

To keep your horses safe in the fields or paddocks, electric fencing is one of the most useful ways. As a horse owner, you will love to make such electric horse fence to keep your animal safe as well as not breaking your bank for the purchase and installation. But, it is essential to choose the right horse electric fence, because not all the styles work for every situation. That’s why I shortlisted the most sought electric fences that can help you to do the job efficiently.

Best Electric Fence for Horses

1. Gallagher G620300 Electric Polywire Horse Fence

Gallagher G620300

If you are looking for sustainable and portable electric fences for horses, then this polywire combo roll from Gallagher can be the best option for you. The company provides twelve different types of fencing, tape, rope, and braid. And the G620300 is one of the bests among them.

Features of G620300 Electric Fence by Gallagher are:

  • It has a length of 1312 feet with an additional 328 feet free which is enough for your horse fencing needs.
  • Its design is UV-stabilized to provide longer life to the fencing setup.
  • Due to its ultra white color and wider polytape, it is clearly visible to horses as well as people to keep them safe from any damage.
  • There are six wires of stainless steel material which offers excellent conductivity.
  • It is easy to install, and you can use any step-in, insulated line posts to support it.
  • Depending on your requirement, you can choose from the four different size options of this fence.


2. ElectroBraid PBRC1000C2-EB Electric Horse Fence

ElectroBraid PBRC1000C2-EB

The ElectroBraid horse fence is a fantastic product to get better control of your animal while keeping it safe. It will offer both the physical and physiological boundary to prevent the horses from running through the fence. This fence is recommended mostly by the veterinarians for animal safety.

Features of PBRC1000C2-EB Horse Fence by ElectroBraid are:

  • This fence has a length of 1000 feet which is enough for most of the fencing needs.
  • It has a chequered color which makes it clearly visible and plays a deterrent role for keeping the horse inside.
  • It delivers sustainable performance in all weather conditions, especially in wet, snow, windy, and hot sun.
  • You can choose from the three different colors including black, white, and speckled.
  • It has copper wires which improve the conductivity in the fencing.
  • The high-quality material and design matches with the standards for the seatbelts and parachute harnesses.


3. Zareba PW656Y6-Z Polywire Portable Electric Fence Rope

Zareba PW656Y6-Z

This polywire portable fence from Zareba is easy to install and provides durable operation. If you are looking for some good-quality, affordable, and efficiently working fencing system, then you will not have any regret if you purchase this product.

Features of Zareba PW656Y6-Z Portable Horse Fence are:

  • It has a length around 660 feet which will provide an excellent option for the temporary fencing.
  • Due to its easy to setup and re-usability features, you can re-install and use the fence again and again.
  • It comes with six stainless-steel strands of the conductors to increase the conductivity in the fencing.
  • The breaking load of 180 pounds makes it withstand in extreme conditions and pressure.
  • The mixture of the yellow and black color, it is highly visible from a distance for you and your animals.
  • You can choose from a single pack or a pack of six units of the product.


4. Baygard Electric Fence for Horses


Whether you want permanent or temporary fencing, this fence polywire from Baygard can help you to have a great deal for your money. Due to the PVC coating, it provides extra strength as well as offers low stretch and sag.

Features of Baygard Electric Fence for Horses are:

  • This fence wire has a length of 1312 feet to set up the fencing. You can also choose the three other sizes.
  • Its yellow and black mixed color makes it easily visible from a distance.
  • This product is made in the United States, so there is no compromise with quality.
  • It will not kink and you can re-install it as many times as you want.
  • It weighs only 2KG per 1/4 mile which makes it extremely portable and easy to carry.
  • You will get a warranty of five years from the company.


5. Fi-Shock PT656WH-FS 656-Feet Electric Fence

Fi-Shock PT656WH-FS

The PT656WH-FS polytape from Fi-Shock will work excellently as a horse fencing in paddocks and fields. This portable electric fence tape is more visible compared to the regular horse fences.

Features of Fi-Shock PT656WH-FS Polytape for Horse Electric Fencing are:

  • It has a breaking load of 150-lb which means it will provide durable performance.
  • It contains five stainless steel conductors to offer more effective boundaries for the animals.
  • This polytape has a total length of 656 feet (200 meters) which is enough for your fencing needs.
  • It is easy to install, and you can rewind it to reusing it again.
  • As it is highly visible to the horses and other animals, it will keep them safe within the paddocks.
  • You can also use this polytape for making boundaries for cattle, dogs, pigs, and other animals.


6. Farmily Portable Animal Electric Fence

Farmily portable fence

If you want to create a paddock or an enclosure for your horses, then the portable fence from Farmily is an excellent product to choose for that. This portable polywire delivers durable operation and is available at an affordable price.

Features of Farmily Electric Portable Fence are:

  • It is a great product for making temporary fencing for your horses or other animals.
  • The yellow and black colors of this polywire are highly visible from a distance and will keep your horses in the boundary limits.
  • It comes with six stainless steel strands of conductors to work as an extra deterrent.
  • The UV stabilized design makes sure that it provides long-lasting performance over the years.
  • This polywire has a length of 1312 feet which is enough for most of the fencing needs.
  • It is easy to set up and rewind. You can reuse it again and again without any worry of the rust.


7. Field Guardian Polytape Electric Fence for Horses

Field Guardian

The long-lasting polytape fencing from Field Guardian provides excellent performance over time and will not let you regret your purchase. Because of its longevity, affordability, and availability, it is one of the best selling horse fences in the market today.

Features of Field Guardian Horse Fencing Polytape are:

  • The additional UV protecting function makes it useful for many years.
  • It has a total length of 656 feet with a diameter of 1.5” and a breaking load of 575 lbs.
  • As the conductive wire is spread over the surface of this polytape, it will have an extra working capability.
  • The bright white color of the polywire is highly visible.
  • You will get a 90-day complete money back guarantee and a 10-year warranty from the company to have a hassle-free purchase of the product.


How to choose the best electric fence for horses?

After a few weeks of installing an electric horse fence in my homestead, I found it one of the smartest decisions of mine in recent times. This installation gave me so much relief that I do not have to run after my horses to catch them now. The fence keeps them inside the boundaries and does not let them trespass it. It also makes me worry-free for their safety as my animals cannot go outside of the filed now. But, I didn’t get that straight away. I actually tried a couple of cheap options to make the fencings and ended with a mess due to them. This experience helped me to make this list of the best electric fences and how to choose the perfect one for your requirements.  

Electric Fence

Check the below things to consider to get the real value for your money while getting the electric horse fence:

Type of the fence: If you are new to the electric fencing for animals, then it may be a bit confusing of choosing the kind of barrier for covering the area because there are different types of fence wires are available. The categories include a polytape, polywire, polyrope, single guard wire, and polymer coated high-tensile fencings.

The polytape fencing is strong, clearly visible, and can work in all weather environments. The polywire fencing is more noticeable compared to other types and will not rust. It is a good option for temporary fencing. The polyrope is thicker compared to the other fencing, and due to the stainless steel woven on it, it becomes stronger and more conductive. If you are looking to make permanent fencing for the horses, then you can go with the polymer coated high-tensile wire. The single guard wire will add electric barrier with your current vinyl or wood fencing. It will keep the animals from trying to push away the fence.

Length: Determine the extent of the area you want to cover for your horses. According to that choose the right size of the electric fencing. Many brands provide different size options as well as multiple packs to allow you to select the best fit.

Durability & maintenance: The top companies make good-quality fences that can last for almost 25-30 years and do have fewer service costs. Make sure that the fencing wire has a good-quality conductor and the material to withstand against the weather in your region. Look the user reviews and their experience with the product when you are making your mind to purchase it. This thing will help you to select the right option.

Cost: The safety of your animals is the important thing. But, you can still look for some affordable solutions which fall in your budget. It’s not necessary that the best brand always make expensive products. So, look for the options around and what could be best than this article to find the top filtered fences?


The electric fencing for horses is an economical, safe, easy to install, and useful option. You should also consider the nature of your animals, and according to that, fix the right kind of electric fencing for them. Properly installed and managed electric fence can restrain the horses as well as other animals and also can be durable for years.

How many horses do you have? Do you breed them? Are you a professional trainer? Which kind of electric fencing do you think will suit your requirements? The world is waiting to read your words. So, why to wait?

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