Best Horse Clippers for Body Clipping – Top Reviewed Clippers

Horses are such versatile pets to have, aren’t they? They have been a man’s best friend for ages. Be it war, a sport or an adventure; this animal has been an all-time favorite. 

Horses are active and need maintenance like any other pets. The owners should not only take care of their food and health but also their hygiene because they have a thick coat and hair all over the body and need to be groomed frequently. The process is called body clipping.

Through body clipping, we can get rid of the thick hair along with the dirt or dust in their body. This reduces the chance of infections and diseases through mites or bacteria, which is why it is essential. Today, due to their importance and demand, there are many body clippers in the market in different varieties such as cordless horse clipper, professional clippers and much more.

In this article, I am going to share clippers that I found to be quite impressive for body trimming. Along with the list, I am going to share the procedure of body clipping for beginners who want to do it themselves. 

Best Horse Clippers for Body Clipping

1. Wahl Professional Animal Arco Horse Clipper

Wahl Professional

This professional clipper is the first choice for the people searching for a cordless variant in clippers. It comes with a 5-in-one detachable blade that can be used for clipping any coat. This Acro clipper is powerful enough to clip the fetlocks of the horse, keeping the noise low to make the animals stay calm and comfortable.The sizes of the blades are #9, #10, #15, #30 and #40. It is easy to change the blade and adjust between these sizes. It is suggested to keep one battery in charging while using the other one so that you can use the clipper without any obstacles.

Key features:

  • The Wahl clipper is lightweight and small which makes it perfect for trimming the hair near ears, muzzles and bridle paths of the horse.
  • It includes two removable batteries each having a run time of 80 minutes.
  • Each battery takes 75 minutes to get fully charged.
  • It has a unique design to fit in the hands comfortably without causing a hand or shoulder fatigue.
  • The clipper comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty.


2. Oster Horse Clippers for Body Clipping

Oster Pet Clippers

Another option that you can consider is the Oster Pet Clipper. It is suitable for both professionals as well as the pet-owners. This trimmer has a powerful, heavy-duty universal motor that delivers two speeds: 3,000 SPM and 4,000 SPM. The speed can be changed with the help of a switch. The low speed works excellent for precise clipping whereas the high speed can be used for full body trimming. The Turbo A5 clipper comes with a detachable #10 blade, clipper grease, blade oil, a cleaning brush, and a replacement carbon brushes.

Key features:

  • It is ideal for grooming dogs, cats, horses, and livestock.
  • The detachable A5 blade system makes it easy to change the blades quickly with ease.
  • The clipper also delivers more strokes per minute comparatively.
  • It has a broader blade sweep for faster clipping.
  • This trimmer is compatible with all Oster A5 detachable blades.


3. Andis Blade Clipper for Horses

Andis Blade Clipper

Andis Blade Clipper is one of the clippers that is suggested by grooming professionals. It is durable, versatile and has the option to change the speed from low to high. It has a cool-running smart design that helps to prevent the clogging in fans and vents due to hair. It is perfect for complete animal grooming. This particular variant is larger in size and a bit heavier than other Andis SMC models. The trimmer also comes with a cleaning blade brush. It also includes an extra wide UltraEdge blade in size T-84.

Key features

  • The clipper has a quiet operation to keep the animals calm and quiet while grooming them.
  • There is a locking switch on the clipper that ensures that it doesn’t shut-off accidently.
  • The trimmer also comes with a durable hard case and an instructional video USB.
  • It also has a round barrel for providing a broader grip to the users.
  • There are detachable blades for grooming versatility.


4. Lister Star Horse Clipper for Body Clipping

Lister Star Clipper

Lister Star Clipper is a first permanent motor clipper available in the market. It is powerful, efficient and fast. It also maintains a constant speed uniformly even if the coat is thick or dirty. This clipper also has a slim, balanced grip that is comfortable for the users to use. There is a patented ventilated head technology that prevents the blades or the heads from getting hot thus avoiding any discomfort to the animal while grooming. The clipper is user-friendly, sturdy and durable.

Key features:

  • This clipper is lightweight that makes the grooming process easy and less tiresome.
  • There are removable and replaceable air filters in the clipper for its maintenance.
  • The trimmer is equipped with an overload switch to prevent any damage to the motor if there is any jam.
  • It comes with a carry case, blade, blade oil, and instructions.
  • The clipper is designed and manufactured in the UK.


5. Wahl Professional Horse Clipper

Wahl Professional Horse

This another professional horse clipper from Wahl is also one of the versatile and durable options. It is a medium-duty trimmer perfect for clipping the fetlocks, bridle path, face, and ears. It is also suitable for light body clipping. The adjustable taper lever makes it easy to make adjustments between three blade sizes: #30, #15, and #10. It is made for use in electric outlets in the USA only.

Key features:

  • The clipper offers 7,200 strokes per minute.
  • It comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and a 2-year limited warranty.
  • The trimmer has a soft plastic grip that is a perfect fit your palms making the process comfortable and hassle-free.
  • It includes a grooming tool with soft bristles that helps in gently removing the sweat, dirt, sweat, and hair.
  • There is a face brush grooming tool,  blade guard, blade oil, cleaning brush and an instructional DVD that comes along with the clipper.


6. TakeKit Horse Clippers for Body Clipping


If you are someone who owns different pets and wants to invest in a trimmer that can be used for multiple animals, then this option will be ideal for you. TakeKit horse clipper is suitable for trimming horses, large dogs with thick coats, cattle, goats, etc. Along with the clipper, there is a cleaning brush, manual, two carbon brushes and an empty bottle also included in the kit. The clippers are made to give the professional grooming finish to the pets. It is designed such that it provides high heat resistance, low noise and also low vibrations while working with the clipper. In all, it is a good investment and one of the best horse clippers for body clipping as you can also reach the sensitive areas of the horse by adjusting to the lower speed for clipping.

Key features:

  • The clipper has a sharpened blade made using high-grade steel, which provides durability and also allows the clipper to cut through the coats without applying much efforts.
  • The heavy-duty copper motor on the clipper can reach up to the maximum cutting speed of 2400 rpm, making the entire process of grooming and clipping your horse hasslefree and quick.
  • The clipper offers variable speeds that can be adjusted as per the needs. The gears from 1 to 3 are for the lower speed and 4-6 are for higher speed.
  • It also comes with a backup carbon metal brush to replace the brush after some uses.
  • The ergonomic handles of the clipper make it easy for the users to hold and operate the clipper without any fatigue.


7. WJCD Professional Horse Grooming Clippers 


The last option on this is WJCD animal grooming clippers. It is similar to the option suggested above, as there are similarities in the overall built of the clipper. It uses a 380W high power motor that helps in the efficient operation of the clipper. This professional clipper is lightweight, portable, durable and also has a high heat resistance. The human-made engineering design used to build this clipper makes it easy for the users to hold the clippers and use it comfortably. The rotation button given on the clipper helps in adjusting the tension of the blade. Along with this, the clipper also has a ventilation filter that prevents the overheating and clamping of the blades. It comes in three color variants: Orange, Yellow and Green.

Key features:

  • The clipper has six-speed control gears to make its operation easy and more flexible. The gears from 1-3 are for keeping a low speed and 4-6 is for high speed. The beginners or new users can start at a lower speed initially.
  • The heavy-duty motor on the clipper enables it to provide the speed of 2400 rpm to increase the overall performance and use of the clipper.
  • The sharpened blade given on the clipper is efficient in cutting through the thick coat of dog, horse and sheep.
  • The clipper performs with high intensity and lower vibration.
  • The blades are adjustable and removable as well. One can use these blades with other clippers also if required.


How to body clip a horse?

How to body clip a horse_

The first and foremost step to body clip a horse to prepare your horse for the clipping process. Give a bath to your horse a day or night before the clipping process. It is also suggested to get rid of any dirt or debris in their coat beforehand. Groom your horse correctly and check which areas need to be clipped more.

Once you have prepped the horse, follow the below-stated procedure:

  • Decide the type of clipping you want for your horse. The areas having a thick coat should be clipped first.
  • Draw the lines with the help of chalk on the horse to mark the areas on their body that are to be clipped.
  • Now select a trimmer that can help you to get rid of the hair effectively. The clipper should be chosen based on the areas you are going to clip.
  • Once you have your trimmer make your pet comfortable with it. Show the clipper to the horse and let him know the source of the noise.
  • Also, let him feel the vibrations of the clipper by placing its end on it so that he becomes comfortable with the sensations.
  • After you feel that your horse is ready, place the clipper and see your pet’s reaction. If the animal feels comfortable with it, then start clipping.
  • Always follow the areas that are marked; it is easy to start from inside the belly.
  • Trim the face in the end only if required.

So this is the procedure you can follow for clipping the body hair quickly and easily. Also, make sure that the blades are sharp as it makes the trimming faster. Always clean the blades and oil it too. Clean the horse hair and cover him with a blanket to help him sustain the temperature. I hope this article helps you in finding a body clipper suitable for your horse along with the complete procedure for clipping the horse hair.

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