Best Horse Halter – Top Rated Control Halter for Horses of 2020

If you own a horse, you’d know better than anyone how important the horse halters are, especially to train them and for their grooming sessions. There are a lot of many brands selling such halters in different materials, colors, and sizes.

Here’s an insight into the use of halters and the best ones out there in the market. Read ahead to find out all about it. 

What is horse halter?

horse halter

First things first, what exactly is a horse halter, and why is it considered a piece of essential equipment for livestock animals? Halters are headgears or headcollars, generally used to tie up the domestic animals with, they fit behind their ears and around the muzzle. Such halters are typically seen on horses, and they are important for guiding the horses properly and for training purposes. 

What are the different types of horse halters?

There are so many different types of materials available when buying a horse halter. There’s a leather which is commonly used as it’s easier to clean and more functional than others, there are nylon halters as well. Other types of horse halters are breakaway halters, shipping halters, grooming halters, etc. 

These halters are made for different uses, and it might get confusing if you’re a novice. Down below, a list of top 5 horse halters is provided to make it easier for you. 

Best Horse Halter

1. Tough 1 Horse Halter

Tough 1

Rating: 3.8/5 stars

Tough 1 sells high-quality equine tack and supplies to its customers. Tough 1 offers a various range of products from saddles and horse wear to even grooming and stable supplies. This horse halter from Tough 1 is a great product, and its features are mentioned below.

  • It has bright Inca silver ferrules which are mounted on the handsome bridle leather.
  • It is a striking halter complete with lead.
  • This dark oil colored horse halter is a specimen of fine craftsmanship.
  • It has really smooth edges and comes with a really long silver chain that will fit different sizes.


2. Hamilton Horse Halter


Rating: 4.8/5 stars

Hamilton has been carrying on its legacy for over 40 years. Its owners established the “Cadillac of Halters” by securing leather from the Cadillac plant and filled the gap of the equine market. This halter’s features are listed below.

  • It is made of single thick premium nylon, which gives unmatched quality.
  • It has quilted stitching that ensures durability.
  • It also has a rolled throat for comfort.
  • This horse halter comes with high break-resistant hardware. 
  • The five solid brass eyelets attached to the burn holes give the halter a double wall of protection from eyelets fray. 
  • The three double-welded rings, two custom stress point squares, and one double bar head buckle are designed in a way that they sit much flatter on the head of your horse and thus eliminating any contact irritation.


3. ProRider Horse Halter


Rating: 4.3/5 stars

ProRider offers its customers with products of ultimate quality and craftsmanship. They provide saddlery, high-end equestrian sportswear, horse halters, and much more. This horse halter from ProRider is one of the highly-rated products, and its features are mentioned down below.

  • It is made of 2 plies durable nylon and double stitched at stress points.
  • It has a full horse size.
  • It also comes with an adjustable noseband and crown that assures a good fit. 
  • This halter has a beautiful purple color and has crystals mounted on top of it.


4. Weaver Leather Horse Halter

Weaver Leather

Rating: 4.4/5 stars

Weaver Leather is known for its use of only the finest materials, skilled craftsmanship, its innovative design, and attention to detail in each single product manufactured by them. This horse halter from weaver leather is definitely one of a kind, and its features are mentioned down below.

  • It has an oiled mahogany bridle leather.
  • It comes with an adjustable chin and a throat snap.
  • Its hardware is made up of solid brass and has smoothed and darkened leather edges.
  • It is a non-rust all-purpose halter.
  • Its 1-inch cheeks have three-row stitching that gives added strength. 


5. Gatsby Leather Company Horse Halter 


Rating: 4.3/5 stars

Gatsby Leather Company produces quality leather at affordable prices. Their products are soft and pliant immediately for your horse’s comfort. They understand the struggle of finding well-made horse gear that won’t break your bank, and this is why they offer a variety of quality horse products at a really affordable price range. Mentioned below are few of the specifications of the horse halter by Gatsby. 

  • It is crafted from Supple pre-conditioned 5/8 inch leather.
  • It also features a single buckle Crown adjustable chin snap on one side.
  • Its hardware is made of solid brass.
  • It has a beautiful Havana brown color and is available in different sizes as well.


Which one is the best of all?

When it comes to selecting one from the above 5, the answer will be Gatsby Leather Company’s Stable halter. Usually, people prefer leather halters instead of nylon ones, and Gatsby offers impeccable leather halters at affordable price ranges. Their halter is made of Supple leather, and its hardware is of solid brass, thus ensuring that it won’t rust over time. It is a highly rated product made using only high-quality leather. 

This was the list of top-rated horse halters for 2020. I hope you’d have found this article to be helpful.

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