Best Saddle Pad for High Withered Horse: Top Product Reviews

If you are a newbie in owning and maintaining horses, you may not know about the comfortable saddle pads for horses with high withers. Such horses have narrow shoulders that can cause the saddle to pinch. When it starts to pinch, it is natural that it will affect the horse’s freedom of movement. If the saddle is too thick, it can rub the horse’s skin and create irritations. So, whether your horse already has high withers or they have become more pronounced because of the age, it is essential to select the perfect saddle pads.

Best Saddle Pad for High Withered Horse

1. Kavallerie High Withered Saddle Pad

Kavallerie High Withered Saddle Pad

Kavallerie High Withered Saddle Pad helps you to get rid of any back-related issues without compromising the comfort of your horse. Kavallerie also makes a breathable saddle gel pad with 100+ gel holes for maximum ventilation.

Key Features and Specifications

  • Kavallerie Saddle Pad is an English bareback pad for horses, which is perfect for any jumping, riding, or training activities.
  • There are four uniques designs to choose from! Front, middle, rear riser for the swayed back savior and seat saver to help saddle bridging.
  • It offers protection and comfort for your horse. It gives you the freedom to move anytime and anywhere, without worrying about your horse’s skin.
  • This saddle pad is washable. You don’t even need some particular solution to wash it down. You can clean it easily with water.
  • If you think that your horse is not comfortable with it, you can return it without any explanations. Kavallerie offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • The gel holes help to prevent too much sweat that causes discomforts and irritations. Lesser sweat means total comfort!


2. Exselle Saddle Pad With Wither Relief

Exselle Saddle Pad With Wither Relief

Horse riding is a fun activity, but many times, it is also the primary reason for sore or swayed back. Your horse is already taking a lot of pressure while riding. By gifting him Exselle Saddle Pad, you can reduce uneven pressure distribution on your horseback.

Key Features and Specifications

  • This saddle pad is made with 100% cotton twill top with 8mm felt and 10mm sponge. It features a nice tight fleece bottom with rolled edge wither and cantle.
  • This saddle pad is like a blanket along with an ergonomic cushion. These features help to distribute the pressure evenly and provides cloud-like support.
  • Get rid of saddle bridging, sores, and rubs with the help of Exselle Saddle Pad. With this Wither Relief, you don’t need to pay extra for saddle correction.
  • It prevents horseback irritations caused by excessive sweating and imbalance of the rider. It also reduces excessive heat build-up on long rides.
  • The width of the pad is 21 inches, and the length is 19 inches. If you buy this half pad, you won’t be disappointed. You can choose between Black or the White saddle pad.


3. Southwestern Equine OrthoRide Correction Saddle Pad

Southwestern Equine OrthoRide

If you are looking for the perfect fit and comfort for you as well as your horse, try Southwestern Equine OrthoRide Correction Saddle Pad. It works best for high withered horses where many saddles pinch or rub the skin. If your horse is young or he has underdeveloped shoulder muscles, then this product can become a blessing for you. 

Key Features and Specifications

  • Its memory foam build-up pad helps in relieving shoulder strain and excessive pressure. 
  • The Poron XRD, professional athletic padding used in the making of the saddle pad, is widely popular for its best shock absorption technologies. 
  • The OrthoRide Saddle Pad improves the horse’s performance by roping and barrel racing. It is perfect for the training of young horses or ponies.
  • You may know that the horses’ backs change shape over the years. OrthoRide keeps your horse wither protected and fills gaps created under the saddle.
  • Once the horses start to age, they lose their wither muscles. Their backs also get sensitive. This saddle pad helps them to maintain their original movement.


4. The Montana High Withered Wool Saddle Pad

The Montana High Withered

Most of the saddle pads are uncomfortable because of their material. They keep on irritating the horse’s skin that increases the horse’s anxiety. Some of our customers claim that they have seen a dramatic difference in their horse’s anxiety level after switching to The Montana High Withered Saddle Pad.

Key Features and Specifications

  • Nothing can compare than an all wool saddle pad. It will fit your horse from the same day you put it on your horse. Then, it becomes better and better once it starts settling on the horse’s back and takes shape.
  • The natural hollow fibers can absorb the sweat and all the heat that irritate the horse. It keeps your horse calmer, dryer, and cooler.
  • Whether you are still learning the horse riding or you are a professional trainer, this Wool Saddle Pad is the perfect match for you.
  • It is durable and long-lasting. You can keep it for years without compromising its quality. It will keep the horse comfortable and happy.  
  • This thick tan wool pad has a contoured spine and withers cut out with premium top grain wear leathers.


5. ECP Cotton Correction Half Saddle Pad

ECP Cotton Correction Half Saddle Pad

If you are looking for some inexpensive option, ECP Cotton Correction Half Saddle Pad should be your pick. It is one of the cheapest and most compatible high withers horse saddle pads available in the market. It is made with breathable memory foam that makes your horse feel comfortable. It also confirms your horse’s back.

Key Features and Specifications

  • It fits perfect on your horse and contours him with its supplied foam pads. Even when your horse’s shape changes over time, you can adjust the saddle pad.
  • Because of the memory foam, the saddle pad absorbs any kind of shocks and helps to prevent any injuries to the horse.
  • This saddle pad provides ease and comfort to the horse as well as the riders. It comes with four cuts offs for the gradual adjustments.
  • This correction pad is suitable for training, competition, eventing, as well as casual riding. Also, it is useful for both young and old horses.
  • There are more than ten colors available, including black, white, red, blue, purple, violate, green, or gray. You can choose as per your horse’s choice.


Being a horse owner/rider, you have to think about several things before buying any saddle pads for the high withers. When I was deciding the top five saddle pads for the horses, I considered several things such as material, durability, the comfort of the horse and the rider, etc. You should also read and research thoroughly before deciding the best product for your furry friend. 

Also, there are many products available in the market that are a bit pricey than the others. But, I believe that you should always consider comfort and proper fit than the budget for the things you or your horse has to use daily. You will find some cheaper options even on my list but do your research well before investing in any products. Have some safe and extraordinary rides ahead.

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