Do Horses get Fleas? – Horse Grooming Tips and Tricks

Fleas? Did you really say fleas? Well, okay, horses and fleas have a long history. The common issue that every horse owner faces are fleas. Like other animals, horses do have a connection with fleas. We will go in detail, but before you must know that can your horse have fleas? 

Do Horses get Fleas?

Yes, No! What? Haha, you read it correctly. Horses do get fleas, but then why no? So not all horses get fleas. There are some unlucky ones who have to face flea-problems. If you have a very healthy horse, then there is not a problem at all. But if you have a horse with dry coat/skin, it becomes easier for the fleas to suck blood, and thus these horses get fleas. 

There are also exceptions, even if you have a healthy horse, then there are chances of getting fleas. Keep reading to know how!

How do Horses get fleas?


Alike cats and dogs, horses do get fleas, and there are several mediums to that. A healthy and well-groomed horse may also have fleas. Below are the reasons for the same:

  • Horses are active animals, and you have to make sure they get their daily running session. Other animals like fox, cats, the coyote may have rolled in the same meadow as your horse. These animals may have fleas, and there are chances of flea eggs to be on the ground. This way, your horses may have fleas. 
  • If you have other pet animals like dogs, cats, or so, then there are chances that your horse gets flea from them too. 

What is the solution?

Fleas are the temporary host; they stick to one host till they find another. If you notice fleas on your healthy horse, then do not worry, it will get way in a day or two naturally. Having fleas on your horses is common; there is nothing to worry as you can get rid of them too. You should always keep your horses well-groomed and brushes every day several times. The best way to not have fleas is, have zero contact with your other pet animals with your horse. Still, if you feel like having a quick session of getting rid of the fleas, then keep reading. 

How to get rid of the fleas on your horse?

As stated above, if you have a healthy horse, then the fleas will fall off in a day or two. If still, the fleas are there, then you can use fly repellent to get good results. Apart from this below is the step by step method for all the horses to get rid of fleas.

  1. Take a big bucket and fill it with 1 gallon of water along with ¼ or so dish soap. You can use any other animal-friendly soap too. Now mix the solution and make sure the soap dissolves appropriately.
  2. Now you need a large flea comb to brush your horse. It will obviously take a while for you to do the whole process, but keep going till the coat gets clean. 
  3. Once you are done with brushing the coat, now dip the brush into the dish soap and water mixture bucket. This will trap the fleas instantly. 
  4. Take a spray bottle and fill it fully with an equal amount of vinegar and water. This will act as a mist for your horse. Make sure you keep your sensitive areas covered. Apply the spray on your horse every two days.

get rid of fleas

And this is it; your horse will be flea-free for sure. Just follow these steps and make sure you keep grooming your horse. To learn some grooming tips, keep reading below.

Quick grooming tips for your horse

Horses have a maximum chance of attracting dust, dirt, insects, and a lot more on their body. Below are the tips that you can do regularly to keep your horse clean and hygienic. 

  • Invest in a curry comb to remove all the debris and mud from the body. 
  • Secure your horse with a lead rope, so that he/she does not roam everywhere and get dirty. 
  • After a stroke of a curry comb, give an excellent brush session with stiff brushes that are available in the market. You also have to use a soft brush to clean the sensitive areas. 
  • Use a sponge or a soft washcloth to pat clean your horse
  • For the hair and tail, use a wide-tooth comb to brush out. 
  • You must invest in a hoof pick that will clean your horse’s hooves completely. 

horse grooming

This is it; you can keep your horse super healthy and happy if you follow this article. Fleas are temporary prey that will not harm majorly to your horse, but you can always get rid of them too. I hope you must have loved this article and will follow all the instructions to help your horse being clean.

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