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How to Tell if a Horse Likes You? – Know More About Horse Behaviour

“A horse is the projection of peoples’ dreams about themselves – strong, powerful, beautiful – and it has the capability of giving us escape from our mundane existence.”

Pam Brown writes this quote and how true it is! Horses are one of the most popular pets in the world. We are sure that your horse can lighten up your life and bring you near to grace and freedom. He makes you happy every single day. But, are you sure that he is as comfortable as you?

This article is specifically written to tell you whether your horse likes you or not! We researched thoroughly on horse behavior and came up with these factors mentioned below.

How to Tell If a Horse Likes You?

It is an undisputed fact that horse is one of the most powerful creatures around the world. But just like humans, he also cannot survive without being happy and fulfilled. Happiness is a primary reason for his mental as well as physical health. However, it is difficult to determine if a horse is happy. Being his master, you have to observe his body language, behaviors, or any other signs he show you when he is with you.


GrazingHorses are often happy when they graze. Observe whether your horse grazes or not when you are around. If yes, then he is happy. If he is not grazing and stand still, then it’s time to put some efforts to make him happy.


rearingHappy horses cannot control their rearing and pawing activities. If you notice that your horse is rearing his front leg upward or pawing at the ground, then you can say that he is happy with you. He wants to spend some more time with you if he continues pawing.


PlayingUnhappy horses don’t want to play. If your horse shows interest to play any game with you, he definitely likes you. Pawing or scratching at the ground are the signs that he is in a playful mood and wants to play with you.


GroomingWhen a horse is happy, he wants to groom himself as well as his fellow horses. If you see that he is engaged in such activities, then you should be relaxed as your horse is relaxed too. If you interact with him in his happy time, you can establish a bond with him.


CribbingCribbing is a negative sign. When a horse is stressed or unhappy about something, he starts crib-biting, arches his neck, and try to say something by his grunt. So if you think that your horse is cribbing from many days, consult a veterinarian to make him relax.


NickeringLight nickering is positive. But if it becomes intensive, it is not at all positive. Notice his behavior and figure out if he is happy or unhappy. If he raises his head in excitement every time he sees you, he is happy. Horses generally nicker when they see someone bringing their favorite food or treats. They may also nicker when their favorite hooman or horse is coming.


Horses love to stay around other horses. If your horse doesn’t have a herd but only you, then you must spend some quality time with him every day. An unhappy horse can isolate himself from other animals or his master.

Horse Body Language


NostrilsYour horse’s nostrils should be round, soft, and relaxed. If he is not feeling good, then his nostrils become thin, tight, and drawn.

Lower Jaw

When a horse is happy, he keeps his lower jaw loose. Sometimes, you can see that his lower mouth is hanging down and he is dribbling. These are the right signs.

Lip Line

Happy horse’s lip line is curled down. It shows that the horse is relaxed. If he is tensed, his lip line becomes tight and hard.


ears-1Ears don’t determine the happiness of your favorite pet. But observing ears can make you understand if your horse is stressed out or tensed! When he senses something harmful or unwanted, he points them in the direction of danger. Notice if he does it every day or not. If yes, then he may not feel safe at your place for some reason. And if he doesn’t feel safe, he can’t be happy.

His Tail

His TailHorses tails are generally loose, straight, and swinging freely. A happy horse has a relaxed tail and not tight! If the tail is not moving, your horse may not be satisfied. Also if he moves it back and forth very quickly, it is also a negative sign suggesting his stress.

So, these are a few ideas you should consider while trying to figure out if a horse likes you. Each pet requires love, care, and a lot of affection from his owner. Be kind to him even when he is ill or irritated. Spend some time with him every day and keep him content with your support. We are sure that you can keep him happy forever if you take care of him like he takes care of your emotions.

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