Succeed Horse Supplement Reviews – Updated Guide for Dog Lovers

If your horse is suffering from the digestive imbalance and it is affecting his performance, then this product will be of great help.

Succeed Horse Supplement Reviews

Even if you feed your friend with enough grass, grain feed, and other forages, it doesn’t provide enough energy to the horses. In fact, a diet with high levels of fat and fiber is difficult to digest and can lead to several problems. For helping your horse to boost their energy levels and improve their performance, provide them with the Succeed’s Horse supplement.

It is a digestive conditioning program, in which feeding this supplement daily for a few weeks can help in improving the overall digestive health of the horse. The formulation is available in two types: Oral paste and Granules. The granules are more suitable to feed, as a scoop of it can be added to the diet and given to the horse easily. The supplement has a unique formula that helps in improving digestive functions. It helps in enhancing the performance and the well being of the horse.

Ingredients of the Supplement:

Oat Flour, Oat Oil, Irradiated Dried Yeast, L-Threonine, L-Glutamine, Guar Gum.
Succeed Horse Supplemen

All the key ingredients of the supplement play a vital role, and their functions are as follows:

  • Oat Flour is a rich source of Beta Glucan. It supports the immune system and also helps in regulating the food quantity passing through the food tract in horses.
  • Oat Oil has polar lipids that help in strengthening intestinal cells that help in the absorption of nutrients.
  • The dried yeast helps in increasing cell production for tissue growth and healing. It is also helpful in boosting immunity and supporting a healthy gut.
  • Glutamine and Threonine help in fueling the muscles and producing mucin for the intestinal tract, respectively.

Now, as we know the ingredients and their functions, let’s have a look at the features of the supplement.

Key features and Specifications of Succeed Horse Supplement:


  • The supplement has a natural oats flavor that horses like.
  • All the ingredients of the supplement are natural and safe.
  • It is beneficial for supporting the total GI tract health.
  • The ingredients also help in improving the digestion and regulating nutrient absorption.
  • Succeed supplement is also recommended for preventing the digestive tract ailments, that include gastric and colonic ulcers.
  • The formula of the supplement is designed to increase the colostrum immunoglobulin level in mares.
  • It is available in three sizes:
  • 1.79lb 30-day supply tub
  • 3.75lb 60-day supply bucket
  • 10lb 180-day supply pail

It is vital to feed this supplement properly to your horse for getting the best results. Let us know the directions to feed the supplement to the horse as well as how to store it.

Directions to feed and store the supplement:


  • For getting the best results, it is recommended to add one scoop of the supplement to the horse feed once daily.
  • Feed the supplement twice a day initially for some weeks and then reduce it to once daily.
  • Follow the routine of feeding the supplement for 90 days to get the best results.
  • It should be noted that this is a supplement and should not be used as a regular feed for the horses.
  • Make sure to store the product away from sunlight and below 80 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Cover it with a lid when not in use and do not let it sit for more than 30 minutes exposed to the air.

Concluding remarks

There are many supplements for the horse that are readily available, but this particular supplement has all the key ingredients required for the overall health and development of the horse.  The formulation of this supplement is unique as it helps your horse to improve performance and stay healthy.

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